I have been writing professionally for 18 years. However, one of my most challenging - and rewarding - pieces of writing was composing wedding vows for a dear friend. She was Jewish. Her groom was Muslim. Both families vehemently opposed the marriage and there was talk of disinheritance. This would be one incredibly hard-to-please congregation.
Dorothy Parker once noted that "the two most beautiful words in the English language are 'Cheque Enclosed'." Normally, I would agree. However, a close second is when the bride - obviously in tears - called to thank me profusely for my tribute. Money is always nice, though. Lots of money may even bring me to tears.
Luckily for any mental/photography visitor, I am not going to offer up my haiku on the aurora borealis. The closest affinity that I have for poetry is in my predilection for the lower case.
e.e. cummings, what have you wrought?
This brain dump is my experimental zone where I will occasionally upload and download my work here.
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